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Tiesha Gardner


Meet Tiesha

I am a Fort Worth native who graduated from Everman Joe C. Bean High School. Post-graduation, I attended the University of Houston and earned a B.S. of Education in 2010, with hopes to attend Physical Therapy School, but God had other plans for me. I worked as a coordinator at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for two years, and moved back to Fort Worth in 2012 due to a new addition to my life, the best addition, my daughter, Khloe! I took on my first teaching interview at my Alma Mater, Baxter Junior High in Everman; where I began teaching 7th/8th grade science, and Everman was home for six years. My heart has always been drawn to adolescents/teens. I worked heavily with the youth at my church as a Sunday School teacher and Bible Study teacher to the teens, as well as with our youth mentor program.

Though I loved teaching science, I knew that the classroom was not the end for me and that I wanted to help ppl become better people. So, I began a dual counseling program at LeTourneau University in 2014 and completed the program with a M.A. of School Counseling - Professional Counseling in 2017.

Present day, I am currently a middle school counselor at Crowley Middle School, and have been for the past four years. As a middle school counselor, I work with students in a variety of ways such as individual counseling; addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, coping skills, self-image, and peer relationships. I also provide academic advising and career counseling to students entering high school.

I received my LPC-A in December of 2020. Since then I have begun servicing private clients through iLegacy Counseling and Consulting. It is my hope that through counseling I can help individuals become the best version of themselves by encouraging healthy and positive mindsets, healthy coping and self-managing skills, creating healthy boundaries, and encouraging healthy self-care habits.

Tiesha Gardner, MA, LPC

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