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Power, Dominion and Glory Ministries was birthed in Dr. Pamela Gunter during the early 2000s. For years, she would see some of God’s people succumbed by the tricks and schemes of the devil, living hopeless lives and walking in defeat without a sense of being an overcomer or being victorious in Christ. She would literally get mad at the devil and what he was doing to God’s people. While driving to church one Sunday, there was a burning desire within her to help God’s people come to:


1. Really understand the Word of God

2. Know who they are in Christ Jesus and what that really means

3. Walk in their divine authority as mandated by Christ in Luke 10:19


God spoke to her spirit that for some people the Word should be taught with simplicity and clarity. This is the mantle she took while living in Pennsylvania. She began having bible study with a group of ladies she called, The Women of Purpose. Power, Dominion and Glory Ministries came to fruition in 2014 after she relocated back to Texas.

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