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My name is Shun Foreman, creative director and founder of Sugar Mode Off. I've helped many people, and I'm sure I can help you. If you were unable to join me in 2022, please see My Story, below.  And, check out my social media links and Sugar Mode Off T-Shirt link:

Shun Foreman

Founder of Sugar Mode Off

Nutritional Therapist, RN

My Story

My educational background includes an undergraduate degree in nursing, a master's degree in Human Rights and Social Justice, a license in Holistic Medicine Addiction, and certification in SUGAR. 

I know that sugar addiction is real and that everyone may not be able to live a sugar-free lifestyle, so I use history and health to motivate them to make the best food choices.

By helping women understand how too much sugar relates to metabolic syndrome, they can improve their overall health and ultimately their communities. 


It is not uncommon for them to struggle in silence. My passion is to bring sugar awareness to communities of color through understanding how historical and present-day injuries impact health. 

Shun Foreman

Founder of Sugar Mode Off

Nutritional Therapist, RN

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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