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Lachelle Goodrich

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Meet Lachelle

Loving wife and mother are only two of the hats that Fort Worth native, Lachelle Goodrich, so proudly wears. She is an innovator, mentor, and community activist, just to name a few. Having come from humble beginnings, Lachelle is no stranger to challenge. Her ability to overcome and persevere, and her love for helping others do the same led her to pursue a graduate degree in Professional Counseling from Amberton University. She is a huge advocate for women, children, and families; and her communal efforts to help people meet their maximum potential truly speak for themselves. Lachelle is very deep-rooted in the community, and has helped implement programs for voter education, “Stop the Violence”, and community mental health.

As an empowered woman, Lachelle has a strong desire to see others, especially women, succeed. This desire birth iLegacy Consulting and Counseling. Lachelle’s counseling service empowers and equips individuals with the tools and strategies needed to revive their light, manifest their dreams, and realize their worth. Through iLegacy, people see themselves, shift their perspectives, and are motivated to achieve. This fosters self-confidence and leads to positive outcomes. For more information about Lachelle and the services that iLegacy has to offer, please visit their Facebook Page: iLegacy Consulting and Counseling. Feel free to “like” and share as well.

Lachelle Goodrich, MA, LPC

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